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Thank you miss Penny.

Your rainbow is strongly shaded violet.


What is says about you: You are a creative person. You appreciate beauty and craftsmanship. You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you've mastered it.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.


Ok, this should be fun:P

Write a paragraph or so, describing yourself and honestly stating what you think/feel about yourself, Tag a few friends and carry it on.


So! Here goes;)


I'm Adi.  Well of course that's not my real name but to be fair, what is in a name?  I live just out side of Glasgow and It's shit. I'm almost 20, also, shit.  I have no idea what I want to do with my life, and that scares me shittless!  I like weird clothes, hair and make up, and I have a passion for strange looking shoes.  I'm stuck in the 80's and my heart's in hollywood. 
The color pink pretty much /is/ me.  I'm a strict vegetaren and have been since I was 8 years old, (you do the math) I don't wear wool, leather, silk or fur, I don't eat factory eggs or unhappy moo milk/cheese, I don't use products which have been tested on animals or which are created by a company which funds reaseach using animal testing. 
It's something I'm really passonate about tbh, as I beilive life, not just human life is vaulable.  Which, obviously means I'm pro-life, which for you who don't know means, I'm Anti- Abortion, I believe the only excuse you can have for killing a baby would be if you were raped, any other reason I think it's completely selfish and it's not your choice to make. 
I'm not into religon at all, I admire people with faith but Never use it against me, I hate being spoon fed shit about god, jesus, allah, buddah.  though, to be fair I think buddism is beautiful, they have the right idea, such respect for everything.  Back to light hearted facts yeah;)  I wear sunglasses when I shouldn't, I live like everyday is hallowe'en, and that's the way it should be!  Dressing up is fun, as is wearing next to nothing, I dress like a whore and I love it! 

I think thats enough describing myself, Now on to what I honestly think about myself:)

I honestly think I'm quite a good person.  I have morals and standards and I don't go against them, I do what I want and that's the way life should be lived, I'm very compassionate, and feircely protective of my friends, which I'm thankful to say is mutual.  I wouldn't cross me, Not anymore, I'm not a pushover like I was last year, again, thankfully, I think I've changed a lot, and some people might say I've changed for the worst but to be honest I'm really happy where I am right now, emotionally, I'm really head strong.  That's a good thing, I'm glad of that.
I can be quite blunt with people, I just can't be bothered with a lot of people anymore.  I don't bully people or discriminate, however I will judge you based on your first impression.  I have my bad points, But I don't dwell on them.  All in all I am happy with who I am.



Thats all;)


haha.  Y'all better dae this!
I so cannot work "tags" SO!

I'm tagging:
meghanpie  angelfaithrox1  cherry_diamondx


Ok so like friday was good innit.

met everyone in captiol.
Lizzie, Val and lizzie's friend louise was there.
we then got our dollhouse tickets and scottered back to hostel to get ready.
While getting ready we were like drinking booze and Val bounced into this locker like the bottom one, so I thought i'd be like a fucking ledg' and climb in the top one... yi know, photo op
but aye, like 3 seconds after val got out the thing collpased. and I heavy freaked out cos i thought I was bleeding and i was like :'( AM A FUCKING BLEEEEEDING! n everyone was laughing too much to tell me, once lizzie told me naw i was ok but. right fucking painful though.

So aye, once I was safe n that everyone was finishing getting ready,
Everyone looked pure lush, like...except me haha, I was so fucking under dressed it was unreal.
So us captain ballbags all jumped in to a cab and whirly gigged it up to capitol, where me and lizzie hopped out the cap and swagged toward the venue screaming "WALK LIKE YER STEAMING!!!" good times, so yeah the normal door to capitol was locked and i made a pure twat of myself by pressing my face against it, accidently obv man i dinnae pure press my mush against thigns just for lawls.

so aye we got in, set up camp and drank, a lot, then like...that first band came on, but I total dunno who they are, so i just drank more:)
Healthy eh?
We smuggled little bottles of vodka in so we were like propa topping up every two minutes which would explain how fuckard I was.

Um then peepshow came on so we were like *Jive* *drink* *jive more* *drink more* then johnny spat blood everywhere.. so we were like :O *dive* *drink* tbh, the gig wasn't as eventual as it shoulda been, but there was a ton of drinking involved.

Um some how me and lizzie and louise decided it would be a fucking awesome idea to make toilet paper hats, and wear them all through the burlesque acts. None of us know why but it was fun. I think.

i'll finish later:)

le sigh

It's almost 1am and I want some pasta an sauce with cheese and toast haha:) yumm. 

I'm going to bake cake tomorro I think, It's mel#s birthday on friuday an I'm too skint to get her an awesome pressy so cake will do haha. Everyone loves cake anyway, or they should:)


Yeah today was boring, died my extensions, well REDYED! which is well annoying:)

have to go ot the bank tomorrow hiss hiss

Writer's Block: That's So Cliché

Cliché's of the net.

Firstly, forum speak, it does my tits in, I don't understand it and id rather not have to read it.

Forum geeks who think they're hardcore.
just because you have a post count of 2k on some website doesnt mean your the coolest thing to hit the streets, just die:)

Scene kid names. Abby Annoymous, Derek Doom, Kacey Killer, yi know the thing Im gettin at.